Tinker Time


John Puckett





John Puckett is well known for his knowledge of Cubs.  Every year he shares some of that knowledge with all who attend a Cub-a-rama. Each Friday and Saturday John draws a crowd of Cub owners wanting to learn.  Topics can range from just about anything, including electrical and charging diagnosis, fuel sytem functions, hydraulic operations and much more.  Generally, John has a selected topic each year, but will take the time needed to help on other problems or answer questions.


John is a mainstay at Cub-Arama and folks look forward to seeing him every year. They know they can trust his knowledge.  John has a way of mixing a bit of humor in with his tips, making Tinker Time an enjoyable part of the weekend event. 

When at Cub-arama, look him up and say "Hi" and thank him for helping make Cub-a-rama the fun event it is.

Tinker Time can be found under one of the shelters. Check the show program for the times John will give his presentation



It is not unusual to see a group surrounding John (center) when he is giving a demonstration. Attendees never hesitate to seek his advice.